Fantastic Futures 2019- Reception

Panda and Badger class had been really looking forward to welcoming lots of visitors to our school for #fantasticfutures week.

We have enjoyed listening to them talk about their jobs and joining in with lots of exciting activities this week.

On Monday we were very excited by the ‘explosive’ start to our week with Mathew Tosh showing us some indoor fireworks in assembly. When we got back to class we talked together about what we could remember about Mathew’s job and made a list of the things he needs to do to stay safe in his job.

After that we worked with Curo on the field. They showed us one of their vans and talked to us about all of the different things they have to do and all of the different jobs within their company. We then became builders ourselves and used the giant blocks to build walls and houses. Some of us even managed to add a roof to our buildings! There was also a relay race to take part in with our friends, where we had to dress someone up as a builder. It was very funny because they were adult clothes and sometimes tricky to put on.

Later in the day on Monday, we were very lucky to watch 2 policemen show us how they work with the police dogs. We got to stroke the dogs and sit in the police car.

On Tuesday a big double decker bus came and parked on our playground. The bus driver was called Phil and he talked to us about his job and the different parts of the bus. We also went and sat upstairs and realised we could see lots more sitting up there because we were so high up.

We went in small groups to our school kitchen, where Theresa the kitchen manager showed us around. We were very interested to see that the kitchen was much bigger than the part we usually see when we are collecting our lunch. Teresa showed us how they prepare the food and where they store it. We also learnt about what she needs to do to order the food and check she is making enough for everybody.

In the afternoon John, our book bug, brought in some photographs and badges and talked to his about the job he used to have in the RAF before he retired. We were very interested to learn the names of some of the planes he used to fix and what he had to do as an engineer. We asked him lots of questions.

On Wednesday Mrs Baker came to talk to us about her job in the office. She also told us about the job she had before working at our school. She was an interpreter using British Sign Language. We were very excited to learn some sign language ourselves. We learnt how to say my name is…

In the afternoon the police came to visit us. We were very excited to try on some of their uniform and try sitting in the cell in the back of their van.

On Thursday, Janaka came to talk to us about his job looking after our school. We got to look at all of the tools he uses for his job and asked lots of questions about them. We found out all about the different things he needs to do to keep the school clean and keep everything working.

We also had a nurse visit us that works for the NHS. She showed us her uniform and some of us tried it on. She told us about some of the equipment she needs for her job and modelled how to use a stethoscope. We learnt about how important it is to keep clean and wash our hands so we don’t spread germs.

We had lots of special visitors on Friday to keep us busy. First Martha from Avon Valley brought some animals to show us. We enjoyed holding them and asking questions about how she cares for them. Next Kev talked to us about his job as an artist. We looked at the amazing drawings he has created and learnt about the materials he needs. We were very enthusiastic about creating our own artwork for him to look at.

click on the link below to see some of the photos.

Fantastic futures pictures