Achievement for All

We are part of ‘Achievement for All’ and we are now in our fifth year of the programme.

Using this we work more closely with our families, having longer meetings called ‘structured conversations’ throughout the year.  These may seem a little daunting but they are a great way to understand your child both at home and school and from these we are able to jointly improve outcomes.  Parents’ who have been part of Achievement for All have found these meetings invaluable.

Quality Mark Award

At the end of our second year, we achieved our ‘Quality Mark’, and we were the first school in BANES to do so!  This was a recognition of our work with the school community to improve outcomes for all children, regardless of their background.

Quality Lead Award

In June 2019, we also achieved out ‘Quality Lead’ status. This was a recognition of our collaboration with other schools and development of leadership opportunities within Westfield.

For more information about the Achievement for All framework please visit the website: