Classes & Year Groups

We currently have 14 classes at Westfield, all named
after animals. We are lucky to have a large team of staff that all work
together to make learning interesting and exciting.

Classes and Year Groups

Welcome to Panda Class

Mrs Potts is the teacher in Panda class and she is helped by Mrs Norris and Miss Greenhead who are the teaching assistants.

Mrs Boughton looks after us at lunchtimes.

The children in Panda class say:

‘I like the adventure playground’
‘Happy Hands is fun.’
‘We go on Welly walks and go in the wood.’

Welcome to Badger Class

Mrs Claire Young teaches Badger Class and she is helped by Mrs Derrick who is the teaching assistant. Mrs Paisey helps to look after us at lunchtime.

In Badger Class we have lots of fun exploring and learning through play. We love to learn alongside our friends and explore using our senses. We are curious learners and are learning to ask lots of questions about the world around us.

The children in Badger class say:

‘I like Happy Hands’
‘I love going outside and playing on the bikes’
‘I like counting in Maths’
‘I like the role play area and playing with my friends’

Welcome to Rabbit Class

Miss Garland is our teacher in Rabbit class, and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gullick, who also helps to look after Rabbit Class at lunchtime.

In Rabbit Class we enjoy doing lots of different activities that help us to learn about so many different topics. We enjoy investigation further by asking and writing questions.

We have so much fun in Year One and love learning alongside our friends, both in Rabbit Class and in others.

Welcome to Owl Class

In Owl class our Teacher is Mr Marr, our TAs are Mrs Bennie and Mrs Carpenter and our lunchtime supervisor is Mrs Palmer, so we have lots of grown-ups to help us on our learning journey.

We learn about lots of interesting things like dinosaurs, toys and nature, and write questions to say what we would like to investigate further.

We have so much fun in Year 1 and we love to learn alongside our friends!

Welcome to Squirrel Class

The Squirrel Class is led by Mrs Kendall at the start of the week and then by Mr Carter at the end.

Mrs Young and Miss Hayman are our teaching assistants who help us each day with our tricky work.

Welcome to Bumble Bee Class

Mrs Randle is the teacher in Bumblebee Class and Mrs Comley helps us with our learning in the mornings.

In Year two we will be trying hard to be excellent independent learners and are looking forward to learning lots of new things.

Each morning we are busy with our English, maths, guided reading and phonics. In the afternoons we like to carry out science experiments, find out about the past, exercise our bodies in PE and swimming and get creative in lots of different ways.

We know that keeping our bodies and minds healthy and active makes us into fantastic learners and are always excited to try our best and learn together.

Welcome to Monkey Class

Monkey class consists of 32 energetic and keen pupils. The children have a busy year ahead with lots of interesting and challenging learning opportunities to pack in before next summer.

The children will also be further developing their collaborative learning skills this year – plenty of paired and group work ahead!

Facilitating their learning are the class teacher Mr Dix and teaching assistant Mrs Bush.

Welcome to Dolphin Class

Mrs Fildes has 32 fantastic Year 3 children in her class this year and we are really lucky to have Mrs Dando as our teaching assistant!

Our light and airy classroom gives us a lovely view of the school playing field, which allows us to see the seasons change as we grow throughout the year.

Welcome to Turtle Class

Learning in Turtle Class is creative, collaborative and most importantly, fun!! We consist of 24 wonderful children along with our teacher, Miss Baker and our brilliant teaching assistant is Mr Myers.

Our main aim in Turtle Class is to make sure that we enjoy learning, we do this by exploring lots of different topics where we can share our ideas!

We often go on school visits and take part in interesting activities such as Forest School during our enrichment. Wherever possible, we try to take our learning outdoors which enables us to enjoy our learning in many different contexts.

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

In Dragonfly Class, we are a team of 26 wonderful children who take pride in our learning.

It is a very busy classroom where we learn together with our teacher Miss Offer.

As learners, we are able to explore many exciting topics throughout Year 4 which are centred around our own ideas.

We also enjoy taking our learning outside and applying our ideas to different contexts. Our classroom is in the atrium building from which we can see the colourful school garden. Overall we are a super class and enjoy learning together!

Welcome to Panther Class

In Panther Class we support each other as we take on the responsibilities of Year 5. We enjoy learning outside along with growing and cooking our own food.

Welcome to Butterfly Class

Butterfly class is a fun, exciting and caring class to be in. With our teacher Mrs Rich and our fabulous teaching assistant Mrs Topping, we enjoy our friendly and supportive class environment and we thrive learning from each other.

In our learning we are creative and always strive to achieve our best. We also love taking part in our exciting cross-curriculum and Enrichment activities!

Welcome to Falcon Class

Falcon class is a friendly, fabulous and fun class to be in, where we enjoy learning with our classmates, our teacher, Mrs Plaxton, and our teaching assistants, Mrs Smith and Ms Vick.

Together we have made our own Falcon class rules to follow which help us to look after each other, so that we are all happy at school and feel confident to do our very best. With one of the best views in the school, looking over the beautiful playing field, we try to look after our classroom and keep it tidy.

We are always trying to win the Tidiest Classroom Award! In music, we are very lucky because we learn djembe drumming with Mrs Gater. When Mrs Plaxton is proud of us, we earn Housepoints or Rainbow points.

Welcome to Eagle Class

Eagle class is a friendly, fabulous and fun class to be in. Together we have made our own Eagle class rules to follow so that we always make sure that we look after each other and our classroom so that we are all happy at school and feel confident to do our very best.

Every time we impress Mrs Chaudhuri with our outstanding behaviour and excellent work we earn a marble that goes into our class marble jar.

Once the jar is full we get to choose a treat for the whole class! We get to learn djembe drumming and the year sixes get to go on camp to the Forest of Dean.