Classes & Year Groups

We currently have 14 classes at Westfield, all named
after animals. We are lucky to have a large team of staff that all work
together to make learning interesting and exciting.

Classes and Year Groups

Welcome to Panda Class
Welcome to Panda Class

Mrs Davies and Mrs Palmer are the teachers in Panda class. They are helped by Mrs Norris and Mrs Gilkerson.

At lunchtimes Mrs Palmer looks after us and helps us eat our food. She is also really good at reading us stories.

We always have lots of fun exploring and learning new things both inside and outside the classroom. There are lots of activities to investigate and challenges to try with our friends. We are always very busy and we make sure we try our best so we keep learning and achieving new things.

Welcome to Badger Class

Mrs Young is the Badger Class teacher and she is helped by Mrs Derrick.

At lunchtime Mrs Evans looks after us and makes sure we are happy in the hall and whilst we are outside playing.

We talk about stories and our interests and learn new sounds and words. We love counting and using numbers- the list could go on and on! Also, we really enjoy singing songs. Together we become happy and active learners.

Most importantly of all, we learn how we are all special and how to treat one another.

Welcome to Owl Class

In Owl class we have our Teacher, Mr Marr, and our TA, Miss Bennie, who is also our lunchtime supervisor, to help us on our learning journey.

We learn about lots of interesting things like dinosaurs, toys and nature, and write questions to say what we would like to investigate further. We also visit interesting and fun places on school trips.

We have so much fun in Year 1 and we love to learn alongside our friends!

Welcome to Rabbit Class

Mrs Potts is the teacher in Rabbit Class and Mrs Young, Mrs Crooks and Mrs Flagg are our teaching assistants.

In Year One we try hard with all our learning and always try our best to be independent learners. We have fun learning lots of new things.

We like to learn with our friends and we look after each other. We are always excited to try new things and learn together.

Welcome to Squirrel Class

The wonderful Squirrels are taught by Mrs Ainslie on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Ross on Wednesday to Friday.

Ms Bush, our Teaching Assistant, is with us in class all week as well. We enjoy a wide variety of learning opportunities both inside and outside of our classroom.

We have two class fish that we learn to care for and we grow plants through the year and eat food we have grown.

We have trips planned to The Somerset Museum of Rural Life and SS Great Britain and we go on an expedition to the River Somer to explore the local area.

Children in Year 2 read and work on Doodle Maths four times a week to earn Dojos that they can exchange for treats.

By the end of the year we aim to have all the children confident and ready to make the transition up to KS2.

Welcome to Bumble Bee Class

Mrs Randle is the teacher in Bumblebee Class on Monday to Thursday and Mrs Palmer is the class teacher on a Friday. Miss Moore also helps us with our learning in the mornings.

In Year two we try hard to be excellent independent learners and have fun learning lots of new things.

Each morning we are busy with our English, Maths, Guided Reading and Phonics. In the afternoons we like to carry out science experiments, find out about the past, exercise our bodies in PE and get creative in lots of different ways.

We like to learn with our friends and look after each other. We are always excited to try our best and learn together. This year we will be enjoying trips to the SS Great Britain and the Somerset Rural Life Museum to enhance and consolidate our learning in History and Science.

We enjoy PE on a Monday and Friday and our weekly swimming lessons will start after October half term.

Our weekly homework includes practising our English and Maths skills, reading 4 times a week at home, learning our spellings and practising our doodle Maths.

Welcome to Monkey Class

Monkey Class is taught by Miss Wareham (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Phillips (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Mrs Holcombe also supports us in class. Every adult makes us feel cared for and happy.

Monkey class are kind, creative and reflective learners who are encouraged to ask questions and learn from mistakes. As well as Maths, English and Guided Reading, we also become history detectives, investigate and make observations in science and design, make and evaluate in DT to name just a few. We celebrate learning, effort and following the school rules by giving out Dojo points. In Monkey Class, we always strive to do our best.

Welcome to Dolphin Class

In Dolphin Class, we are ambitious and eager learners. Our classroom is light and airy, helping us to maintain our focus as we enjoy learning together with Mrs Bushnell. We are a thoughtful and caring class who enjoy having fun and working together. We are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs Ashman with us in Dolphin Class.

We are excited to learn about our new topics, including the Stone Age, the Egyptians, our European neighbours and the journey of chocolate!

As Dolphins, we aim to always try our best and to always show kindness to those around us.

Welcome to Turtle Class

Learning in Turtle Class is creative, collaborative and, most importantly, fun! Our teachers are Mrs Fildes (Mon, Tues and Weds) and Mrs Bowery (Thurs and Fri) and our brilliant teaching assistant is Mrs Curtis. They all help us become independent and reflective learners.

In Turtle Class, we love to learn more about the world around us and we do this by exploring lots of different topics where we can share our ideas, ask questions and learn together. Our classroom environment is kind, friendly and supportive and we always strive to do our very best in all that we do and make sure that everyone in our classroom is happy and cared for.

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

Dragonfly class is a team of fantastic children, who make our class a fun, exciting and caring place to be in. With our teachers Mrs Bird and Mrs Campbell and our fabulous teaching assistant Mrs Hawkins we enjoy our friendly and supportive classroom environment and we thrive learning from each other.

In our learning, we are creative and always trying to explore our exciting ideas as well as we keep striving to achieve our best. We also love taking part in our exciting cross-curriculum and Enrichment activities! We are a kind and very friendly class, who love their learning!

Welcome to Panther Class

Panther Class is friendly, fabulous and fun! We work hard, but we make sure that we are looking after each other too. Our aim is to be happy at school and feel confident to do our very best; everyone is important. Every time we impress Mrs Chaudhuri or Mrs Carpenter with our outstanding behaviour and excellent work, we earn dojo points. We can ‘spend’ these on a little treat or save them up for later. We can choose a treat for the whole class when we have all worked together to save enough!

Panther Class are keen to take on the responsibilities of being in Year 5. We enjoy learning about our world, from how our country is governed to the legacy of the Mayan and Viking ages. We will be learning about mountains, volcanos and the rainforests. We like to set an example and take care of our environment; from our own tiny space in the classroom to our planet as a whole, we want to help look after our surroundings and belongings. We reuse and recycle!

Welcome to Butterfly Class

Learning in Butterfly Class is creative, collaborative and, most importantly, fun! Our teacher is Miss Phillips and our brilliant teaching assistant is Mrs Dando and they help us become independent and reflective learners.

In Butterfly Class, we love to learn more about the world around us and we do this by exploring lots of different topics where we can share our ideas, ask questions and learn together.

Welcome to Falcon Class

In Falcon Class, we are enthusiastic and inquisitive learners. As our classroom overlooks our fantastic playing field, it is a bright and colourful space where we enjoy learning together with our teacher Miss Offer. We are a welcoming, yet lively class who enjoy improving our learning and having lots of fun. We are also very lucky to be supported in our learning by our fantastic teaching assistants Mrs Smith.

As learners, we are always looking to broaden our knowledge and look forward to investigating our exciting topics including Kenya, WW2 and Georgian Bath. As we are the oldest children in the school, we also aim to set the best example and are fantastic role models to the rest of the school. In Year 6, we also have an amazing opportunity to go on camp to the Forest of Dean where we build lifelong friendships and grow as learners. To end the year, we also prepare for our important transition into Secondary School.

As Falcons, we always strive to try our very best whilst being kind and considerate friends who enjoy having lots of fun.

Welcome to Eagle Class

In Eagle Class we are a lively, kind and creative class who enjoy learning collaboratively. Together with our teacher Mrs Rich and our lovely teaching assistant Mrs Comley, we aim to look after each other and ensure that our classroom is a positive place where we can enjoy our learning and feel confident to always do our best.

We enjoy earning dojo points with our outstanding behaviour and excellent work and we are learning to become more independent now we are in Year 6.

We are all really looking forward to our Year 6 trip to the Forest of Dean this year along with all the other responsibilities that come with being the oldest children in the school and role models to the younger children.