‘The Great Fire of London’ comes to Westfield Primary School.

During Term 2, Year 2 have been studying ‘The Great Fire of London’ 

In English we have been reading diary entries by Samuel Pepys. He told us what the fire was like but we decided we wanted to see how quickly the fire spread with our very own eyes so cooked up a plan.

All of us made a Tudor style house out of cardboard boxes. Some of us even named our model ‘Pudding Lane bakery’.

On Friday 23rd November we took our models out to the top playground and stood back.

Mr Chorley lit small pieces of paper and scattered them around our houses. We watched in awe as the fire began to take hold. We knew that the houses in Pudding Lane were close together and made out of wood which is why the fire spread so quickly.

One by one the houses caught on fire and began to fall to the ground. All that was left was hot, smouldering ashes. Mr Chorley used a hose to safely cool the area and sweep up all the debris.

We can’t wait to write all about it next week.