School Governors

Governors’ decisions directly affect the education and well-being of the children .

Governors can really make a difference in improving standards throughout a school.

Governors make key decisions, such as appointing the Headteacher.

Governing Bodies are made up of

Parent Governors –                               elected by other parents with children at the school

The Headteacher –                               if she/he chooses to be a Governor

Staff Governors –                               elected by other staff members

Local Authority Governors –                people appointed by the Local Authority

Community Governors (Co-opted) –        people from the local community – elected by the Governing Body

Who are the School Governors?

Head Teacher:                        Mr Simon Mills

Parent Governors:                    Mrs Julie Probert (Chair of Governors, Head of Finance) Mrs Joanne Pawley(Head of Staffing)

Co-opted Governors:             Mrs Tracey Young , Mr Adam Workman, Mrs Sara Workman, Mr Derek Lee, Mrs Jane Olpin, Mr Chris Chorley

Local Authority Governors        Mrs Ally Elliott (Vice Chair and Chair of Standards)

Staff Governors                      Mrs Catherine Potts

Associate Governors                 Mr Gary Maule, Mr Keith Sheppard

Clerk to Governors                   Mrs Liz Barlow